10 Scenic Travel Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following


The most beautiful thing about planet Earth is the landscapes. The vistas. The scenic views that make us gasp. From the rocky orange deserts of Nevada to the lush green forests of the Amazon, each color lends itself to the landscapes of the world.

Like a painter’s brush against the canvas, the world around us can be a great inspiration to our lives and travel choices. Whether you’re clamoring for more travel inspiration or just want a scenic picture to cross your Instagram feed more often, this list is for you.

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1. Tiff Penguin

From Punta Cana to Barcelona, Tiffany Nguyen has an eye for nature. Based in Los Angeles, Tiff balances traveling the world as a photographer and being a Dentist. Her strongest feature is the ability to capture the scale of her surroundings, especially mountain ranges.

Tiffany’s sharp eye for natural lighting and clean colors lend her credibility—her work with companies such as Sony and Amazon are the icing on top.

2. Alex Strohl

Nature holds many mysteries and wonders, right under our nose. As seasons change, the color palette follows suit. The secrets of nature are different for each land and deserve a listening ear. And Alex will tell us all about it. His Instagram has over 2 million followers, highlighting the deep blues and rustling greens of the world’s forests and valleys.

Aside from Instagram, Alex creates documentaries on nature for TV networks alongside his Youtube Channel.

3. Beautiful Destinations

The positivity of Beautiful Destinations is contagious. This Instagram account is home to a large assortment of “Best Of’s” when it comes to travel photography. If you’re not sure where to begin when it comes to following photographers, this account is for you. Each illustrious photo is hand-picked from other travel accounts, giving credit to the photographers and highlighting nature’s wonder!

Beautiful Destinations has an emphasis on global awareness and our ability to keep the Earth beautiful if we work together.

4. Everything Everywhere

Everything Everywhere is a one man show when it comes to travel photography. With dozens of awards under his belt, Gary Arndt wants to share his love for nature, at all costs. As he travels the world, each photo comes with a diary entry that documents the journey, hardships, and joys of traveling. Make sure to check his previous Instagram stories for spotlights on the heritage of every place he visits!

From the Baltics to Switzerland, one picture from Gary will have you ready to go on vacation again.

5. Expert Vagabond

Matt Karsten, also known as Expert Vagabond, sees nature and the cities we build around it as extraordinary. So he thought, why not visit them all? With a perfect balance between family life and travel, Matt’s vagabond personality was ripe for photography, so we aren’t surprised by his natural inclination for it.

Along with his dual citizenship in America and Italy, his excursions range from Tanzania to Russia. With the purpose of enjoying life to the fullest, there’s so much to love about this traveler and his photos.

6. Hello Emilie

Hello Emilie knows how to turn each photo into a statement of color and emotion. With a penchant for a rusty orange, she proves her value as a photographer in each and every scene she captures. Emilie’s Instagram account is home to over a thousand pictures and she’s quite outspoken about her love for travel.

From expansive mountain ranges to serene dusty landscapes, Emilie never fails to deliver a mystical approach to each country she visits.

7. Travis Burke Photography

Travis Burke knows that life can hit hard. So he pushes forward with gusto, claiming difficult mountain passages and winding jungles as his domain to conquer. His story as an athlete and photography adventurer is inspiring. Not only does Travis push the boundaries of human limitations with his daring journeys, but he begs us to do the same.

Many blogs and Instagram accounts are there to say “you can do it” from afar. But few actually go and show you how rewarding it can be to live life to the fullest while exploring the world.

8. Earth Pix

Earthpix is the best of the best when it comes to scenic travel photos. With photos that could be off of a travel guide, Earthpix rounds up the best of the best.

With exotic locations galore, there’s enough variety to wow anyone. This grouping of likeminded travel photography enthusiasts is the perfect place to chat up camera lenses and anything else related.

These vistas are awe-inspiring, with many of the aerial shots being shot with drones. Want to take drone shots of your own? Check out our recommendations for the best drones for photography

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9. Susan Seubert

Susan Seubert is a jack of all trades in the photography world. Her award-winning work stretches from food and portrait photography to interiors and travel.

Susan’s knack for animals and flowers only adds to the warming shots she frequently posts. If there’s one person on this list who can do it all in style, it’s Susan. Hired on as an official National Geographic photographer, each Instagram post will have you ready to book a trip ASAP.

10. In Far Away Land

Marta Kulesza’s passion is the outdoors, and it shows. Vast shots of large landscapes and small people permeate her work. Each photo is a testament to how expansive the Earth and its vistas truly are.

With multiple travel guides for different continents, expect to see a lot of helpful tips on how to pursue life on the road.

If these pictures satiate your photography itch, perhaps you’re realizing how much you want to try it yourself. Travel photography takes time, effort, and a whole lot of patience. That’s where we come in.

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