What to Do When No One Likes Your Facebook Status


Social media has become mainly about validation. We feel better about ourselves when someone likes our posts or photos—and we feel terrible when our posts get negative reactions, or worse, completely ignored.

If it happens more than once, it can get downright frustrating. You did your best to come up with a post and yet nobody appreciated your efforts. What should you do when your Facebook statuses get zero likes, or much fewer than you expected?

Cut Back for a While

Have you been posting too many selfies? Or are you ranting about how your mother in law is always wrong? If you’re posting too many similar posts, you might lose the interest of your audience. Cut back for a while before you post again.

Cull the Herd

If you add just anyone in your list, this might be the reason you’re not getting many likes or comments.

Make sure your friends list mostly consists of people you actually know or at least share similar interests.While it might look cool that you’re friends with a famous local celebrity, there is a slim chance that they will like or comment on your posts.

Make Fewer Controversial Posts

Are you constantly posting your unpopular opinion on sensitive topics such as politics and religion? Sometimes people aren’t very comfortable reacting to something that isn’t well-accepted by everyone. This is especially true if your posts are public.

If they like your public post, it will show up on their friends’ feeds. And this might change their public image.It’s best to post your views in a non-aggressive and gentle way that won’t offend anyone.

Post Native Facebook Videos

If you’re posting videos on Facebook

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, it’s best to upload the video to Facebook instead of sharing its YouTube link. Native videos start playing automatically when the user scrolls through their feed(unless specifically disabled) and they play inside the app itself instead of redirecting you to the YouTube app. This is why native videos get more likes than YouTube videos on Facebook.

Interact With Others

If you only open Facebook to post something and don’t interact with others, they will start avoiding you. If you think this might be the reason why you aren’t getting any likes on Facebook, learn to reciprocate.

Scroll through your feed and if you find something interesting, you can go ahead and like it and also post a comment. This will build your community presence and people will interact with your posts more.

Sponsor Your Facebook Post

If your Facebook page posts aren’t getting any likes, you can sponsor the posts. This technique is generally used by business pages to reach a wider audience and to make more sales.

However, non-business pages can also promote their posts.Facebook knows that everyone wants an audience for their posts and limits your audience, forcing many people to pay for more views. If you want to reach more people and gain more followers, you can place sponsored posts that will be visible to thousands of people and will generate likes, comments, and shares.

Analyze Your Recent Posts

Check your recent posts and see which post got more likes. This will help you understand your audience. If all your friends are meat-eaters and you’ve been sharing vegan recipes, this can be a reason for the lack of likes on your posts.

To get a better idea,go to your friends’ profiles and check their general likes and dislikes.

Add Like-Minded Friends

If your Facebook friends don’t share your interests, it will be difficult to generate any likes. You can add like-minded friends by joining pages and groups

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of your interest. Start interacting with others on Facebook pages.

Soon, some other members might want to join you and become your friends. These friends will have a lot in common with you and will be more likely to react to your posts.

Start a Facebook Page

If you’re unable to build an audience and don’t want to add strangers on Facebook, you can start a page. For example, if you post memes and they don’t get any likes because your friends list mostly consists of your family, maybe it’s time to start a new meme page.

Aunt Marsha might not understand what’s funny about a frog on a unicycle, but your page followers will love your content.

With a page, you can connect with the audience that has the same interests as yours and you can get your voice heard and “liked.”

Use Hashtags in Your Posts

When you use hashtags, they turn into clickable links. When someone clicks on it, they are taken to that topic and they can see others posting on that topic. Similarly, someone can follow another post and land on your post.

If they like your post, they will react on it and they might even start following you, which means they may like your other posts as well.

Keep in mind that people will only be able to see your public posts. If you use hashtags on the posts that have the Friends visibility setting, they can be seen only by your Facebook friends.

Change Social Media Platforms

And finally, if you cannot generate likes on Facebook,try switching to another platform. For example, if you like posting your views every couple of hours, Twitter will be a better choice than Facebook.

If you mostly want to post your vacation photos, use Instagram. If you’re posting new openings in your office, LinkedIn will be a better choice. Find the right platform for your posts.

Consider Doing a Social Media Detox

If nobody is liking your posts, it’s normal to feel upset. Social media has become an important part of our lives and we cannot ignore its impact on our mood and behavior. There are negative effects to social media, so if you think social media is affecting you poorly, consider doing a social media detox

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